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George Boomhauer, a leader of practice from the Boomhauer Institute, recently mumbled about what makes a good leader. While many believe that a person's success depends on a particular style of leadership, Boomhauer insists this has nothing to do with it.

"It comes down to one core behavior!"

"Being real, being authentic, being who you are," said Boomhauer. "It's not about style -- there are many styles of leading, and I know leaders of all different stripes and styles that can lead. That's just the outward manifestation of who you are as a person."

"Can you be the authentic you and be real?"

Of course he was Boomhauering so we're not sure what he meant or what he actually said. But if you want to meet some real United fans who like to have a good time, Join us!

Lead with us

YES! You can Lead with the legendary vainglorius supporters of DC United.
To join, tailgate with us under the Big Tree or simply email with the subject line: I'm a member now!
There are no membership dues to join or belong to Club Echa Panza, but there are numerous benefits.

All 'Panzanistas' are automatically conferred the title of Leader. We are all leaders in our daily lives and make a positive difference in having fun while supporting DC United.

Glasses of Clarity
The glasses provide a freedom from ambiguity and the ability to see clearly and lucid, to recognize BS that is BS.

Canopy of Transparency
A group benefit that provides openness, communication, and accountability together with protection when it rains!

and many more...

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